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People that still tell “women in the kitchen” jokes


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Omfg dude thanks!! This makes me me really happy cuz I was thinking of deleting for like not being on for a while

Well, there’d be a hole on my feed, dude. If it’s better for you to do that for a while, though, I mean do what you gotta do.

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My Tumblr Crushes:
ruinedchildhood (40%)
makingstarwars (14%)
younglegs666 (10%)
r-negxde (4%)
laralychee (3%)
istillfeelthelacklongafter (3%)
lostinmywaays (3%)
assault-pop-punk (3%)
fuckyeahladygaga (3%)

It is important to mention that all of you are lovely. I don’t ‘follow back’, like if I like a blog I follow it. So to me, that says you have good stuff and a good blog.

My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. ruinedchildhood (40%)
  2. makingstarwars (14%)
  3. younglegs666 (10%)
  4. r-negxde (4%)
  5. laralychee (3%)
  6. istillfeelthelacklongafter (3%)
  7. lostinmywaays (3%)
  8. assault-pop-punk (3%)
  9. fuckyeahladygaga (3%)

It is important to mention that all of you are lovely. I don’t ‘follow back’, like if I like a blog I follow it. So to me, that says you have good stuff and a good blog.

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Paused it at the right moment.

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You won’t regret it! All those bands are fucking awesome!!


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I can’t fucking stand jealous guys. It’s the most annoying and stupid thing about my gender.


- a girl can use words like ‘hun’ and ‘dear’ to another male, even if she’s taken.

- You don’t ever have an excuse to feel it’s a ‘precautionary measure’ to check her phone when she’s not near it.

- You don’t have a reason to check her phone anyway. Sure, not everyone’s loyal, but that doesn’t make it your place to find out in that way. That’s not how you go about it. You don’t want to be fooled yet again, I get it. You won’t just sit around and wait for it to happen? Well tough shit, you set your boundaries personally, taking care of you and take it slowly.

- SHE CAN COEXIST WITH OTHER GUYS. Seriously, she can hang out with a guy, she can have a gay orrrrrr straight guy best friend. I get even guys can get insecure about this when they’re been duped or a girl has wronged them in the past, but you asking her what she’s doing and calling her all the time when she’s not with you isn’t the right way to alleviate your insecurity. It’s not thinking about her or honoring the loyalty she probably has and wants you to discover.

If you can’t honor her, you don’t deserve her.

It also means you don’t respect yourself ‘cause you’re spilling your unresolved insecurities into other people who are trying for you. So it’s like the saying goes, ‘can’t love/trust someone ‘till you love/trust yourself.’? Same goes with honor.

     But yet it’s every dude I hear about. My female friends tell me all the time ‘oh he’s the jealous type’ or literally cutting me out of your life because Preston isn’t comfortable with us hanging out. I’ve been ignored, rejected and replaced by other girls’ boyfriends because these boys pressure girls and put them in an uncomfortable position to feel like it’s wrong to hang out with their guy friends.

And what does a guy always say? “I’m not saying you can’t hang out with him.” Yet his selfish, excessive unease and always being difficult about it when it comes up speaks louder and it puts girls in a bad position. How ‘bout you man up and deal with your insecurities ‘cause women want men, not little boys who drop their emotions and can’t ever pick it up and keep it together but spill it all over the floor.

Guys, just SHUT UP about your discontent about her with other guys. You say out loud you’re not telling her what to do, but you’re guilt tripping her, you’re suffocating her. Man up, stop checking her phone and trust her. Alot of those you choose to trust, yeah, they’re gonna cheat on you, GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

I’ve been treated more horribly and demented over these years where if I followed this pattern, I’d be one jealous, insecure motherfucker, but I’m not. I’ve been thoughtlessly put into love triangles, watched her with other boyfriends when I still cared about her, used for rebound sexually and emotionally. I’ve gone on goose chases with girls indecisive so I get so deep and sometimes it’s been….disturbing what the results have been. I’ve been fucked over, badly by women. But I don’t see all that with a new girl. She’s a different fucking girl. It makes sense for someone to feel uneasy due to a bad past, but when you do things that don’t give this person you don’t know yet a chance, it’s like saying she’s all your other unfaithful exes. And that’s fucked up. Just ‘cause you don’t think or say those words, doesn’t mean your actions aren’t clearly saying it.

So I can rant and shout out to all of you who justify the concept of a women hanging out with/being friends with guys as taboo.

I could go on, but I won’t. And you need to stop going on like this. Yes, there are many, many unfaithful women (and men), but guess what? Theeeere’s many faithful women. Take a chance, trust her. She needs to earn your trust just like you need to earn hers, but just flow with the connection you make with someone. Sink in slowly and if you get hurt, you process that shit mentally after the pain and let it strengthen you, not callous you…’cause too much callousing blinds you.



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So I see sooo many posts with all these bands, and the more I see it, the more cool it seems.

So basically, I’m going to see if my intuition is anywhat right and these bands are good. I’m gonna listen to these people for the first time: Tigers Jaw, The Front Bottoms, Real Friends, La Dispute, Pity Sex, Neck Deep, Basement, American Football and more later.

I’m listening to Balance And Composure’s newest album, but I had a feeling I’d like them. Literally, they have a style of heavy, chill and emotional (but not too emotional) that no one has touched. They’re one of a kind. 

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You know, one day it’s going to come where it will be weird to identify someone’s gender preference. Some day, the words ‘gay’ ‘lesbian’ and ‘straight’ will practically become obsolete, and the scorn won’t be as strong. I just wish I could be alive to see that day when it’s only ‘nah, not my gender.’ and everyone says ‘ok’ and that’s it.

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Actors revisit their famous movie roles. Now - name ‘em all.


This makes me so happy

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got a masters degree in being ignored

Graduated with honors

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That sound? It’s the sound of my heart breaking into a million pieces

I… I just noticed that both Harry and Neville are dressed similarly to their fathers during the battle of Hogwarts.

I just


my heart


Very sneaky costume department



Sometimes I reblog things because of the notes

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This is personal

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